Well, most of the seed orders have arrived… its amazing to see your entire season’s harvest (and then some) encapsulated in a few boxes.  I’ve been organizing them and tucking them away into big Tupperware containers in my attic to sleep for another month or so, before we gently wake them up with good soil, water and light.  Getting the seeds in the mail is like another Christmas in February, one that suddenly makes me very eager for spring to get here.  There are some varieties of flowers and vegetables I’m super excited to grow this year:

craspediaCraspedia, or Drumstick Flower

This sucker is awesome looking!  There’s nothing out there like it.  Plus, you can dry it like Strawflowers and Statice.


Cauliflower is kind of a pain to grow sometimes; its very temperamental.  However, it tastes great, so I decided to grow it this year.  Plus people have been asking for it in the survey.  This particular variety is called “Skywalker.”  Don’t ask me why, but I’ll take a Star Wars reference wherever I can find one.

Shelling Peas

This particular shelling pea is a favorite at Peacework Farm.  It’s called “Feisty,” and it makes extra tendrils, which accomplishes two things.  One, the plants hold onto each other more and make a kind of pea hedge, which eliminates the need for trellising.  Two, they look really cool.


LI cheeseLong Island Cheese Pumpkin

Ed Fraser, of Fraser’s Garlic Farm in Churchville, NY turned me on to this one… I have yet to try it, but he is adamant that it makes the best pie.  We will have to test it against Buttercup Squash, which I’ve always felt makes the best pie.  (Buttercup is something else we’re growing this year that wasn’t there last year.)  Either way, there will be pie to eat.

Italian Heirloom Tomatoitalian heirloom

This is my favorite tomato.  It makes big heart shaped fruit with no cracking at the top.  The shape looks like a cross between a paste tomato and a slicer.  When you cut them open they are extra meaty,  without getting mealy, and they taste amazing.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a good tomato year.

Some people have been asking me where I order seeds from.  I get them from several different places, and I’ve added them all to the “links” page.  Check them out!


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