What a spring…

Well, this spring has been quite the adventure.  Life on the farm is super busy right now, as we hustle to make up for lost time (as much as we can!) after dealing with perpetually frozen ground, spring blizzards, and all the extra things that have to happen when you move a farm… the main thing being putting in electricity.  Our greenhouse is insulated from the cold by two layers of plastic and an inflator fan, which blows between the plastic layers and creates a pocket of insulating air.  That fan needs electricity, as does our propane heater, so imagine our dismay when we learned that we had to install all the electrical wire ourselves, put in a breaker box and meter, and run the wire out to the pole at the road, all in conduit in a 2 foot deep trench… and the ground was frozen.  Needless to say, I panicked a little bit, but fortunately the small organic farm community is a tight one.  I was able to start our earliest plants in the greenhouse at Peacework Farm, where I used to work, as we labored on putting up our greenhouse and getting in electric.  What an experience!  Fortunately, I took photos to share.  Enjoy the “Getting Through the Spring From Hell (with a little help from my friends) Montage”

gh snow
Shoveling out the snow so we could build the green house end walls… this was April First! Oy is helping by catching snow. Very helpful.
installing inflator fan
Jonny installs the inflator fan, hoping to have electricity someday!
mud creek oy
Well, we didn’t have to worry about being called “Mud Creek” without the creek nearby… we made our own mud creek! When we started digging trenches for electric, they immediately filled with running water from snow melt. Oy was the only one who found any joy in that…
sawhorse factory
We decided to upgrade our greenhouse table system, and so Josh and I turned the house into a sawhorse factory for a day… Josh got tired of standing in a puddle, so he lay a little bit of floor down to stand on.
gh construction
Josh and Eric work on endwalls.
gh caulking
Josh caulking the seams between different kinds of plastic.


oy gets warm
Oy warms up after a hard day of playing in the muddy snow.
jonny excavator
Once the ground thawed, we tried to dig a trench with a rented Ditch-Witch, and quickly found that it doesn’t work in the mud… fortunately our landlord saved the day by lending us his excavator.   Jonny was the lucky one who got to learn how to use it! He was able to dig the two foot deep trench from the greenhouse to the pole on Cherry St. in a few days. I don’t know what we would have done without that thing!
gh start
Finally, we have plants started in our own greenhouse.
plants in car
The migration of plants started at Peacework to our own greenhouse… you can always fit more than you think into a Subaru!
gh work
Having fun and mixing soil.
gh full
The greenhouse is getting very full!  Now that the whole electricity and greenhouse adventure is figured out, we can breathe easier.  The latest challenge has been finding dry time to get the ground worked up.  We have the onions and earliest direct seeded things in the ground, but the land that needs to be plowed for later crops is still too wet to work.  Here’s hoping for a long sunny spell… and the further adventures on Mud Creek Farm continue!

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