The Last Day of Fall

Last Thursday was our final CSA distribution of the season.  It was a cold, rainy. miserable day, which finally felt like November.  The rawness and the particular grayness of the clouds made us all feel like snow was immanent.  The crew and I got everything harvested pretty quickly, since most of the share is storage veggies at this point, already in the cooler or curing in the greenhouse.


Once we finished harvesting, we started on a list of chores to get the farm hibernating for winter, but it was so disgusting out that I decided to take everyone to a diner for lunch to warm up.  Distribution days are long; pick up goes until 7pm, and once everything is done, I usually don’t get home until 7:45-8.  When it gets dark at 5, 8 feels like midnight!  So it’s nice to take a break in a warm place.

last distro

The last pick up is a fancy affair… little Avery wore her Elsa dress for the occasion.

Sitting in the diner, holding a hot cup of coffee to get the fingers moving again, I figured Wednesday had been the last day of fall.  Fortunately I had a feeling it was the last day of fall on Wednesday, and so I took the opportunity to enjoy it!  It was beautiful.. we decided to plant the garlic, and the sun was warm on our backs as we knelt over the freshly tilled dirt.  The trees were mostly bare, but the sun was low and golden, making them glow orange one last time before they become gray and black all winter, until spring.  Large V’s of geese flew overhead all day, sounding like surprised teenage boys with cracking voices.  The sun hit the underside of their wings, making them flash as gold as the trees.  The trees were filled with raucous blackbirds, nerving each other up for the flight south.  The combination of planting again, and hearing birds again, and the warm sun reminded me of spring… it’s always funny how similar the two seasons can be, but I suppose every transition has inherent similarities to all other transitions.  I took a lot of pictures of that last day of fall… enjoy them!

planting garlic

planting garlic… always the last thing to go in the ground

garlic hilled

after planting, the garlic gets hilled in, like tucking it under the covers to stay warm until spring.

untrellising 1

taking down the tomato trellising in the amazing light.

untrellising 2

logan hunts for mice.

tractor 1

jonny disks in old crops

tractor 2

amazing light!




the last sun of the day

flower field

the flower field all plowed under for winter


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