church distroI hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.  The Mud Creek crew had an eventful time on November 23rd.  That was our distribution day for our annual thanksgiving share, an extra add on for people who want it.  We had a lot of carrots tg basket 2and potatoes left for people, as well as onions, garlic and some other root veggies.  The day started off beautiful and sunny, but cold.  In the morning, people picked up shares in the parking lot of Artisan church in Rochester.  We gave everyone a bushel basket to fill as high as they could with whatever they wanted.  You think of root vegetables as unattractive brown and tan things, but as I watched people get creative balancing things high in their baskets, I realized how wrong that is.  With the wintry sun hitting them at just the right angle, they glowed all sorts of colors.  It was nice to see faces I had been used to seeing every week.  I’ll miss seeing them all winter.


snow squashAfter our morning distribution in Rochester, Josh and I loaded up our two trucks with more veggies to bring to Victor for our afternoon distribution on the porch of The Apple Farm.  That’s when things got interesting… what started out as a crisp fall day quickly moved from what felt like late October into mid January.  The clouds rolled in, the mercury dropped into a free fall, and then it started to snow.  And I mean SNOW.  Being a Vermonter, I always get a little giddy at the first snow.  It makes me feel like a kid again, and conjures up memories of hot chocolate, sledding, and listening to the radio in the morning hoping for a snow day (a rare occurrence in my home town.  Our bus drivers were hard core.)  As we watched the butternut squash collect a white blanket, and the visibility on the nearby road shrink by feet, I had a mixture of feelings; that old first snow puppy feeling, mixed with the realization that after we loaded up all the left over veggies (3 pallets worth) Josh and I had tosnow drive through this mess into Rochester, both of us with summer tires, and then unload all of it into Small World Bakery in the dark and blowing blizzard.  No snow day for us!  We busted it out, though.  Jonny met us at the Small World loading dock, and with the three of us and a half-broken pallet jack, we got everything unloaded and stored away.  I slept well that night.  Root vegetables are heavy!

Small World will be selling the rest of our left overs at the public market on Saturdays, if anyone misses Mud Creek potatoes or carrots.  And if you miss them, don’t forget to sign up for next year.  Or, if you really love vegetables, you could come work for us next year!  We’re still looking for 3 people.  Head over to if you’re interested in either of those things.



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